Alone against Shell

Jörg Schallehn 26. April 2012 0

John Donovan uses everyday his ballot Demo & Rebellion against the oil giant

Today I want to give an example, importance, his voice is to be aware and others with great commitment to encourage, is the commitment to connect with his voice. So, as recently with our call to its Vote bill to lower the price of gasoline. We Also has Shell now justified by the high prices one Profit from 9 Milliarden Dollar (!) In the first quarter 2012 announced. Now I have the British John Donovan in Saturday's ARD Euromagazin and seen his commitment was impressive. On his website Royal Dutch Shell PLC He reported extensively and regularly about abuses at Shell. Clearly, a voice of outrage and demonstration(!), with great impact on public opinion.

Until 20 Years were John Donovan and the Shell Group business partner. With his father ran the Briton an advertising agency, The competitions for Shell customers designed. After a trial on the basis of ideas stolen by a Shell employee, the small company was bankrupt and Donovan was one of the biggest critics of the Anglo-Dutch group. "

This is how the ARD Europe Magazine the resistance movement against a Video Documentary. Meanwhile, have the time to protest Donovan's multi-billion euro loss in the oil giant out. About than the Briton, the Russian government drew attention on inadequate safety measures at a Ölbohrprojekt Shell and Gazprom.

The voice belongs to our children. We can not change much, If we join to good campaigns or call myself a good campaign to, for a better world, for us and especially for our children. You deserve it.

As always,: The future through the eyes of our children see.

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